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We’ve replaced transactions with relationships.

Talent acquisition & retention is as critical to business as it is to the candidates – especially in Accounting and Finance.

Our selection methodology is detailed, personal, rigorous, and proven. It enables us to build a deep understanding of the professional and organization to ensure success in both the near and long term. In the process, it allows CFO Systems Search & Staffing to build lasting relationships that span careers and spur continued growth.

Whether you’re building a great company or a great career, it all begins with the ability to bring the right people together.

That means more than simply filling accounting and finance positions. It requires an understanding of people. An enthusiasm for learning more about an organization’s culture, leadership, and strategies for moving forward. The ability to connect with talented accounting and finance candidates. The cultivation of relationships that lead to long-term career success.

The experience to know when client and candidate align to create the ideal fit. Chances are, we’re the ideal fit for you.

Regardless of the level of position or the industry, we are uniquely equipped to understand how best to pair candidates and employers in order to achieve career and organizational goals. Our own background in Big 4 accounting firms, Fortune 500 corporations, and regional companies offers our clients and candidates distinct insights and expertise.

How It Works

For Organizations:

In addition to looking at typical resume qualifications, CFO Systems Search & Staffing takes character, personality, drive, intelligence, and resourcefulness into consideration. These attributes guarantee that your organization is matched with a candidate that can fulfill critical roles while also showing enthusiasm to meet and achieve business goals.

  • Analyze the growth of your business, giving due consideration to factors such as employee turnover and anticipated promotions.
  • Develop an understanding your organization’s culture, strengths and weaknesses, and talent gap so we can help you better align hiring with staffing needs.
  • Create tailored job descriptions and compensation packages based on your needs.
  • Deliver a detailed candidate profile that includes the dimensions of the ideal candidate with metrics that help us measure and drive us towards the best possible outcomes.
  • Review all resumes and leads to filter out all candidates that do not meet the requirements established in the candidate profiles.
  • Perform outreach activities to deepen the pool of available talent through the use of CFO Systems Search & Staffing’s extensive talent acquisition network.
  • CFO Systems makes initial contact with the candidates with the most potential, performs any necessary screening activities, and establishes next steps for the interview process.
  • Submit the top 5 candidates to your organization.
  • Initiate the interview process by scheduling a series of interviews with your HR department and all stakeholders.
  • Conduct a full background and reference check on the selected candidates.
  • Present the offer and negotiate salary with selected candidates. Our team will act as a guide through this stage to ensure satisfaction for both the organization and the candidate.
  • After a candidate is matched and an offer is accepted, we will check in afterwards. If any items for concern arise, both the organization and the candidate can discuss them with our team. Both parties could be hesitant to voice any concerns during a new relationship. CFO Systems Search & Staffing serves as a liaison between the two to help ensure stable working relationships.
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For Candidates:

CFO Systems Search & Staffing wants to help our candidates experience career satisfaction, feel that they are making a difference, and enjoy success. We focus on matching our candidates with organizations that appreciate top talent. Our talent pool is comprised of individuals who are determined and willing to embrace a business’ culture, demands, challenges, and expectations. Our candidates are matched with companies whose needs and goals coincide with one another, offering success for both parties involved.

  • Work with our team to determine personal and professional goals, both long and short term.
  • Our focus is to understand a candidate’s personality, personal/professional objectives, tenacity, and other important information that will help us match them with a company who will help achieve growth.
  • Start the matching process by presenting opportunities with organizations whose business culture, strategy, and objectives overlap with the candidate’s professional goals.
  • CFO Systems Search & Staffing makes initial contact with the stakeholders for your preferred opportunities, performs any necessary screening activities, and establishes next steps for the interview process.
  • CFO Systems Search & Staffing schedules interviews with potential companies. We will help guide candidates through setting up these interviews and getting reference and background checks completed as required.
  • Accept a job offer and negotiate salary. CFO Systems Search & Staffing wants candidates to feel professional satisfaction from the start ensuring fair pay and benefits in a quality work environment.
  • After being matched with a company and accepting an offer, CFO Systems Search & Staffing will check back in with both the candidate and the organization. We act as a liaison between both parties in case any concerns arise to protect the new working relationship. Our goal after pairing is ensuring a prosperous, ongoing professional relationship.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“We provide clients and candidates with a level of trust that encourages open conversation, collaborative brainstorming, and a clear vision that meets their needs, not just today, but in the future.”

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