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Recruitment Firms: The Fast Track To The Perfect Fit

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The in-house hiring process can be a significant time and financial investment for organizations. Some businesses can experience a loss in profit or productivity with the average in-house hiring process lasting 43 days and allocating tasks such as writing/posting job descriptions, completing screening processes, and initiating the hiring process between employees who could be focused on other important business objectives.

On the side of a potential candidate, the process can always be lengthy and frustrating. Sorting through thousands of job descriptions, researching workplace culture, and debating on salaries and benefits can be overwhelming for anyone dedicated to finding their perfect fit. Especially in the last few years where job placement is crucial, finding a job that offers the right healthcare, additional benefits, pay, workplace environment and flexibility is a top priority for any individual looking for work.

This is when a recruitment firm comes into play for both parties. Their main objective is to bring qualified candidates to the right organization, cutting out the headache of the hiring process on both sides. Agency recruiters have the time and resources to do thorough work by researching open roles in organizations, finding the right candidates with highly-specialized talent, evaluating workplace culture, completing screening processes and providing support to both business and candidate during the hiring process. Beyond the basics of hiring, recruitment firms can also:

  • Help organizations plan for future hiring needs
  • Allow no to total involvement in the hiring process for organizations
  • Use a variety of resources to find top matches
  • Help improve employee retention
  • Decrease the odd of bringing match candidates and organizations who goals do not align
  • Take interest in both candidate and organizations overall goals, objectives, and requirements
  • No time limit on finding good matches
  • Support diversity recruitment initiatives
  • Help with negotiation of terms of employment
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While all recruiting firms have established practices, most follow four basic phases.

Phase One: The recruiter will use their resources to find and engage with prospective candidates, typically this phase has a phone interview or some kind of initial contact.

Phase Two: A second interview to filter candidates further. Since recruiting firms have such a large hiring pool, second interviews are necessary to help narrow candidates. This is also a time to evaluate a candidate further and make sure they are a match for the organization’s workplace culture and overall objectives line up.

Phase Three: The top candidates will be connected to the hiring organization, who will select candidates from there.

Phase Four: Hiring organization selects their top candidates and the recruitment firm will help support job offer negotiations for each party.

The Benefits as an Organization

An organization can find themselves outsourcing recruitment for many different scenarios. For example, the organization could not have the connections to find the necessary talent they need. Another reason could be that finding the right candidate is simply taking too long, the hiring process can take anywhere from several weeks to months without finding a guaranteed hire that works. Another scenario that calls for outsourcing is if an organization is experiencing a high turnover rate of employees or needs to hire multiple employees to meet an organization’s growth. A final example of a reason to outsource is if an organization has an ineffective recruitment process and lacks the resources and time to do the hiring process. If an organization finds themselves spending more than 15 hours a week on hiring while seeing little result, a recruitment firm could help remedy this.

A Candidate’s Perspective

Now recruitment firms do not just offer benefits to solely organizations but individuals as well. Searching and applying for a new job can be intimidating and a lengthy process. From filling out multiple applications to waiting for responses, it is enough for people to want to avoid it entirely. This is why potential candidates should choose to go through a recruitment firm for access to a number of benefits. For example, it is easier to connect with serious organizations looking for hire. Recruitment firms can also save individuals time and stress by streamlining the process – usually having to only fill out one application and working with one recruitment agent during the entire process. Another benefit is that recruitment firms can help connect candidates with even more potential jobs from multiple industries, almost guaranteeing a workplace match.

Overall, as we navigate into the workplace with our new normal, the hiring process is affected just like any other aspect of business. Whether the goal is to maintain top talent or your organization or if you are someone getting ready to find a new career path, recruitment firms can help make the process easy on both ends matching candidate and organization right the first time.