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Accounting and finance recruitment is our focus.

What sets us apart

At CFO Systems Search & Staffing, people choose to work with us for many reasons. We’re experienced accounting and finance professionals in our own right, so we understand the critical role these specialties play in an organization’s day-to-day operations. We are also able to anticipate emerging opportunities and maximize outcomes.

In addition, we take the time to attract and cultivate relationships with top talent. We go beyond the resume to understand the character, personality, drive, intelligence, and resourcefulness that are critical to professional success and satisfaction. This helps us provide organizations with candidates who will fit their business culture while also providing a candidate with the opportunity to thrive and grow in the workplace.

The CFO Systems Search & Staffing Difference

We hold ourselves to a high standard of building stable lasting relationships where both client and organization needs are taken into consideration and met. For every step of the way, our expert leaders and team members will consult, aid with the staffing process, and stay in contact to ensure satisfaction on both ends.

At CFO Systems Search & Staffing, we respect all prospective clients and business values and believe in keeping transparent, open communication throughout the entire process. We understand that no two companies are alike – and neither are their accounting and finance needs. So, we invest in our partnerships with clients to develop an insider’s understanding of the organization and the culture, demands, challenges, expectations, and rewards.

A More In-Depth Look into Our Proven Process

Taking the time to listen to both candidate and organizational needs while applying our experience in different industries is only the beginning of our proven process to build stable working relationships for everyone. There are several stages of our staffing process and our team at CFO Systems Search & Staffing plays a significant role in all of them ensuring that no organization or candidate is left behind.

Organization Assessment and Position Discovery

This is when our team can develop a clear understanding of business culture, departments, positions, compensation, benefits and learn about your prioritized selection criteria. We get this knowledge through meetings with key members of your organization.

Candidate Search

Next is our candidate search that is done by leveraging our expansive networks, job posting strategies, candidate research and robust database. Through these methods we can identify a list of at least 10-15 candidates that match an organization’s expectations.

Man selecting candidate from rows of icons representing job candidates

Candidate Evaluation, Selection and Presentation

At this stage we contact and screen all potential candidates. This process allows our team to evaluate qualifications and find organizations whose business culture best suits these selected candidates. After in-depth interviews with initial 10-15 candidates, 3-5 will be presented to the inquiring organization.

Interview Process

CFO Systems Search & Staffing will then work with businesses and potential candidates to help organize interviews. Our roles include debrief candidates, organizing any additional follow up conversations and staying in touch with both parties every step of the way.

Hiring Process

During this stage of building a better business relationship, we conduct reference checks on all final candidates and present them to the organization. We work with said organization to help prepare an offer and extend it to the candidate. For potential candidates we coach them through acceptance and resignation from their current role and manage counter-offer risks.

Candidate Placement and Beyond

As previously stated, we want to ensure seamless transitions and meaningful workplace relationships at the end of our staffing process that leave both organization and candidate feeling fulfilled. We will stay in contact with both candidates and hiring managers to ensure long-term success.

Group of diverse business people sitting around a table talking.

The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

At CFO Systems Search & Staffing, we value diversity within workplace cultures, backgrounds, education, identity and so much more. We believe in helping all future candidates and businesses reach beyond all limits without excluding potential work relationships for any reason.

Regardless of background, education, and beliefs – we thoroughly believe that all potential candidates and employers should achieve a level of satisfaction through all working relationships cultivated by our organization. Candidates should find security, respect, and stability in inclusive workplace cultures while employers have best matches for the open positions and that will meet organizational goals.

According to a PwC Global Survey about 85% of CEOs in the financial industry say that promoting racial and ethnic inclusion and diversity in the work environment helps enhance business performance, increased profitability, creativity, and innovation.

Where we place talent


A top-level finance executive that is responsible for managing all financial actions of a company including tracking cash flow, financial planning, organization-wide financial analyst and creating better business practices.


Working closely with upper management, they are responsible for keeping updated and accurate financial records and identifying areas to reduce cost and liabilities and ensuring the organization complies with financial regulations.

Vice President of Finance

Similar to a CFO, VP of Finance have hands-on roles in an organization’s finances and oversee overseeing financial records and projecting future financial investments and plans.

Accounting Manager

Manage and oversee the daily operations of the accounting department within an organization. Accounting managers will also monitor and analyze accounting data to help complete financial statements and establish proper accounting policies.

Finance Director

AKA Directors of Finance, they are tasked with overseeing all finance activities. This includes reporting on revenue, training accounting staff, budgeting, disbursing funds, managing risk, creating, and implementing policies.

Senior Accountant

Regulate and authenticate all financial transactions while maintaining a ledger to prove accuracy of all accounting tasks. Other responsibilities include balancing accounts, working with ledgers, preparing month-end reports and financial forecasts.

Staff Accountant

Unlike a Senior Accountant, this is an entry or mid-level accounting position. Responsibilities include maintaining financial records, confirming IRS compliance, reconciling bank statements, and balancing ledgers.

Treasury Roles

Including management and analyst roles, treasurers oversee all financial affairs within an organization to ensure that it follows all legal accounting practices. They also maintain and improve a company’s financial standing, determine funding opportunities, and advise on investments.

Internal Audit and Risk Roles

The basis of this role is to facilitate the identification and evaluation of risk in governance structure by reporting risk and evaluation risk management processes.

Financial Analyst

These analysts are responsible for financial planning, analyst and projections of future revenues and expenditures for organizations. They also have a hand in establishing cost structures and determining budgeting for projects.

Cost Accountant

The main responsibility of a cost accountant is helping organizations oversee and analyze cost expenditures and purchases. They closely review services, goods, record data and make organization specific recommendations about cost-efficiency and financially responsible cost options.

Senior Financial Analyst

At a senior level, these analysts oversee a variety of financial aspects. This included budgeting, forecasting, building financial models, financial planning, research, analysis, and preparing reports.

Senior Internal Auditor

Typically managing a smaller team of internal auditors, Senior Internal Auditors help guide in the process of conducting an audit making sure all internal auditors are following proper procedure and policies.

Tax Accountants

This position is largely in charge of preparing and submitting tax forms. They also analyze financial information, assist departments of best accounting practices, and properly account for an organization’s expenses and correctly file yearly tax documents.

Tax Managers and Leadership

Tax managers are responsible for everything tax related. These responsibilities include accurate preparing and filing state and federal tax documents for the organization. They also develop tax strategies, identify tax problems, and propose solutions.

Accounting Consultant or Specialist

Accounting Consultants help organizations with financial management, forecasting and auditing. Their responsibilities include analyzing financial documents, advising on improving profitability, cost/revenue prediction, and checking for compliance with financial regulations organization-wide.

Finance Consultant or Specialist

Financial Consultants are responsible for creating financial plans and ensuring organizations accomplish their financial goals. Other responsibilities include monitoring finances, creating in-depth financial reports, and forecasting the fiscal year.

Our Goal Is Getting You Where You Need To Be

At CFO Systems Search & Staffing, our priority is delivering more than just opportunities. We strive daily to motivate others and ourselves to go above and beyond expectations. Currently thinking about making your next move? Check out all our current positions waiting to be filled by talented, driven candidates.

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